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Family and children and migration
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Despite thousands of years of human migration, usually in family groups, family and migration have not been examined together globally in academic, policy or practical terms.

Changing gender roles and expectations; care, socialization and education of children accompanying migrants or remaining at home when parents migrate; issues of discrimination versus social cohesion also present immediate dilemmas. The impact of policy and governance approaches by national government, local authorities, civil society, migrant communities and concerned international bodies makes the family-migration nexus a direct and immediate concern for all stakeholders.

Projections of increasing worldwide labour and skills mobility confronted by often restrictive migration policies urge a new look at the complex web of issues, connections and challenges in the nexus between contemporary migration and family. These include concerns for family integrity, family unity, and family function in migration destination and origin countries. The family-migration nexus also poses unanswered challenges of social reproduction of work forces, obtaining skills for future viability of economies, and resolving increasing demographic and social security deficits.

GMPA organized a mini-symposium on Migration, the Family and Human Rights in Geneva in April 2012. GMPA Associates contributed to the design and content of a Global Symposium on family, migration and dignity held 27-29 March 2012 in Qatar sponsored by the Doha International Institute for Family Studies and Development. GMPA Associates promote and participate in research and activity in this emerging area of global interdisciplinary concern.


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